About Us

About Us

Executive Chef / Owner

Alessandro Campitelli has been honing his innate ability to bring excellence to the dining experience, a native of Rome Italy, Chef Alessandro began working at the young age of 14 as a waiter in a small intimate restaurant in the heart of the city .From that point on he knew he had found his passion and began to pursue more challenging roles in the industry.

Over the course of his career he has worked under some of the most talented chefs in Italy.Most notabely Antonello Colonna (ES Hotel) Massimo riccioli (la rosetta), and Heinz beck (la pergola in the rome cavalieri Hilton).


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Contrasto is the evolution of my previous restaurant! During the nights I will focus on the classic tradition of Roman cuisine executed to perfection! The experience will have a moment-to-moment sensory Contrast from the ever changing properties of foods manipulated in the mouth to give texture and vision that will change to leave you unique memories…

I will search for the best ingredients to deliver a product that you can only find in Rome, usually the best, and most authentic, meals are the ones prepared at home, those that use market-fresh ingredients and inherited family recipes to create nourishment not only for the body but also for the soul. Our “La Cena” it will be an experience that provides the rare opportunity to be invited into a private Italian home and learn the key elements that go into creating a traditional, home-cooked Italian meal how my grandma and my mom taught me since a was a kid, simplicity will be the key of my new concept and perfection will be the motto. The nights will be an interaction with my guest from beginning to end will be using the local products the Bay Area have to offer to showcase each distinguishable and perfectly in-season ingredient.


contrasto is located by Lake Merritt neighborhood in Oakland, CA. The menu will change weekly with different inspired night.

contrasto will be a contrast between color, taste, visual, experience and feelings!

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